The manuscript of survival – part 212

Another inspiring one from Aisha North.

The seasons are changing, and so too, the energies. As the year is making its turn and you are all starting to approach the end of this cycle, much will be thrown up in the air because of this. As you have already noticed, the energies are churning up much that has been hidden away and forgotten, and now, you all have to face things sooner or later that you would rather be kept hidden away. We do not say this as any form of reproach, just as as reminder that for all of you to pass over and into the next phase of your development, the thorough house cleaning you all have been enduring for quite a long time now will reach its peak. For some, this will not be too apparent, because you have managed in some ways to already rid yourselves of any residue that might still be lurking in the deep recesses of your closets. But for others, this period might become a little bit more challenging. Again, it is important to remember that any issue that might surface now is not something that needs to be grappled with, it needs only to be acknowledged and released. So we do not estimate this to be a prolonged period of ”airing dirty laundry”, to call it that, but more like the final squeeze on the sponge to drive out the last vestige of dirty water. After all, you would want to be squeaky clean before you enter the great halls of tomorrow. For you would want to show the real you, the one that has shed these superficial layers of grime and dust that have accumulated throughout your sojourn on this planet. And if it might sound like a rather challenging process to remove the last stains that you might have acquired during all of your lifetimes here, know that it is something you will be able to accomplish in a very short amount of time.

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The manuscript of survival – part 212.


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