UFO: Alien psychological warfare seeks space weaponization

Very very fascinating. Its all coming out now. This one is from The Canadian. “The Canadian is an editorially independent and not-for-profit national newspaper.”


Many science fiction TV viewers may still remember the famous episode from the series Stargate SG1, in which, US fighter planes and UFOs wage an aerial battle over Antarctica. We enjoy such alien invasions on films and TV, knowing that they will not affect us in reality. However, what if such alien attacks turn out to be true, in reality.

According to a scientist and former US military contractor, John Kettler, a UFO war has been taking place in the waters of Antarctica. It has been alleged that naval forces led by the US Navy has been engaging in battles with hostile aliens in this uninhabited corner of our planet. Kettler had even cited a few unnamed but ‘sensitive sources’ who had confirmed these claims.

Dr. Carol Rosin, a witness of the Disclosure Project and a former NASA scientist, came in touch with Wernher von Braun, widely regarded as the ‘Father of American Space Mission’. He warned Dr. Rosin about the weaponization of space. Von Braun had claimed that the US is trying to create public hysteria and panic about a possible attack from outer space with regressive alien allies documented by Dr. Michael Salla in his “Typology of Extraterrestrials” . By creating such fear, they allegedly intend to weaponize space and control the masses. Dr. Rosin states that the threat of UFO/Alien invasion has been “hatched” and the government only uses it as a means for public control.

Dr. Rosin suggests that the “terrorism” that has been fabricated and hatched on Earth by the Archons through human vessels is apparently supposed to further mutate into a planned war designed to make Hollywood-like scripted alien characters from “UFOs” as a scheme to “unite Earth” under a “New World Order”.

Through Executive Orders documented by Alex Jones, America can now be transformed to be the military control centre of a totalitarian society ready to combat Hollywood versions of scripted “aliens from UFOs”.

Dr. Rosin states that there is no need for the US Government’s weaponize space, as it will not serve any constructive purpose for the American people. Instead, she says that the money spent can be utilized for effectively fighting global warming and in other development projects.

Dr. Michael Salla suggests that governments utilize fear about an impending alien invasion to protect the interests of the military-industrial-extraterrestrial-complex of interests or “MIEC“. Although the Establishment officially ignores UFO sightings, such reports appear to complement an elite desired build-up of hysteria, fear and panic.

The development and selling of space based weapons, helps human collaborators to this Complex make a lot of money. In the process, American and other tax payers’ money is apparently being wasted and the people are being deprived of vital social programmes / infrastructure and support to vital environmental protection.

Dr. Michael Salla such money is being conscripted and evaporated to serve archontic interests, as elites shed crocodile tears about a “financial crisis”

Dr. Carol Rosin also states that even back in the 1970s, Von Braun told her how the money spent on space could have been utilized for research on creating non polluting vehicles, but instead have been allocated to Archons.

Dr. Carol Rosin says, “We can solve the problems of the people that are urgent and potential, and the other animals, and the other cultures on earth, and in space. We can end the arms race without dislocating the industry jobs and without disrupting the economy by transforming the war industry in to a Global Cooperative Space industry”. If we, as humans, can reject war and other prisms of the Archons in a timely manner, we may still yet be able to avert the planetary Apocalypse that is being pursued by the Archons.




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