Thoughts of Higher Mind: Clearing Negativity – Gaia and us

Gaia is the name of our Mother Earth. There are huge similarities in way we operate like Gaia. Ofcourse, everything is one in All that is. There are bound to be similarities.

So when we relax and think about negativity that affect us, and we try to clear them away, Gaia would want to do that as well. When we let go of old habits and detrimental emotions, Gaia wants to do that as well. 

When we let go, Gaia also sometimes do that too. That is what the storms, quakes and all calamities are. Gaia is trying to break free of the shackles of negative patterns and in letting go, the nature tries to balance herself. She doesn’t want to hurt us, in the same way, we don’t want to hurt anyone when we let go of our emotions.

Its time to support her. Nurture her. Learn from her.


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