World Puja – November 9, 2012 + tools for contact

November 9, 2012
Please post and circulate widely

Steve Greer

November 9, 2012

11 a.m pacific/2 pm eastern – 6 pm pacific/9 pm eastern

Dr. Steven Greer and Dr. Marilyn Gewacke- “The Golden Craft”


Dr. Greer and Dr. Gewacke will be joined by Diane Saunders  to discuss the amazing sightings Gewacke and Saunders have had in their NY working group.

Not only will you hear about extraordinary experiences but you will get a perspective on how you can start a working group with like minded people in your area.  Assisted by the international virtual meetings of the Global CE-5 Initiative, just think of what you can accomplish in terms of peaceful communication wherever you live.

We apologize for the hum in the background of the interview.  Part of the phone connection was not working properly.
Tools for Contact
Sometimes people feel the only way to learn to make contact is by going on an expedition with Dr. Greer.  While the expeditions are very special they are by no means the only way to begin to contact Extraterrestrial Civilizations.
People have had amazing experiences with their positive peaceful intent and the help of these tools.

–  We have an iPhone app and an android app with a huge amount of information and with the app even lets you use your I phone as a magnetometer. You can find them under CSETI or ET Contact Tool. (There is a link to the I phone app from the left column at website and for the Android app go to

-Dr. Greer’s book : “Contact: Countdown to Transformation” with the DVD that goes with it are excellent and have a lot of information that will help. Also Dr. Greer’s memoir “Hidden Truth – Forbidden Knowledge”. Both are available at

–  At we have a Contact Training Program with several of Dr. Greer’s books, CDs and DVD.  There is a wealth of helpful information there.

–  Also at there is a working group kit of 4 CDs which have information.   Also you might want to get the “Cosmic Consciousness CD set” to assist.


Golden Craft - Crestone CO 2011
Golden Craft in Crestone CO – CE-5 Expedition 2011


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