Channelings of Higher Mind: When Proofs turns to Assurances

The human mind. What to say. Always looking for material proofs for anything. We miss the inner “Knowingness”. Where is that gone?

Nowhere. Its there, seated deep within waiting to flower. That knowingness is your Guidepost, your marker, your compass. When you live in that knowingness of what is right or wrong, there is only one outcome. You will be directed to your true self. Your own individual perspective.

Follow your knowingness. Whether its your religion or concept of consciousness shift in 2012. When you stop looking for proof of the shift, you will turn to knowingness. And then Proofs will turn to Assurances.

Every little speck of dust in this entire multiverse will show you the light and doorways you need to follow. And your true oneness will come to surface.


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