Channeling of Higher Mind – Back to drawing board

Many would feel energies after 11/11 of peace, calmness and love. As if a storm has passed. But many may also feel an upheaval of old emotions once again. Emotions that seemed to been taken care. But, ofcourse there are some more learnings that is forthcoming from them, thats why its a repeat dance of the old habits. 

Its back to drawing board. Even my dream last night was of going back to school. Old school uniform, sense of uncertainty, being childish and enormous curiosity. This indicates one will keep revisiting old issues till they are taken care completely and have served their purpose for 100%.

Be calm, this too shall pass. If you won’t learn now, it will come back again and this dance and drama won’t stop. So pay attention. Let it all come in. Deal with it. Don’t get caught in the drama. It will be over before you blink and then onto a sense of peace and oneness again.


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